For details of the Evening 20-20-20 class 8pm Tuesdays at FBC please go here 
Please see flyer below for details of 20-20-20 and Glenblast at FBC Centre. Term starts Mon 7th Jan 2019. No need to book - if you are bringing children please let me know. Otherwise just come along in time for a 9.20am start on Monday, Tues and Fridays. £6 Pay As You Go or have a look at the flyer for details of half termly subscriptions that will save you money! 
You might also like to have a look at and join our 20-20-20 Facebook Group 
If you have children you are welcome to bring them to the class - we have babysitters present. Whether your child is with the babysitters or not, I charge £1 per child.   
Any questions - please contact Gilly on 07760 178 921